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The University provides a platform to students from diversified backgrounds, to connect and work together and accomplish academic and social goals. The University encourages students to form groups and make a meaningful contribution towards society.

These groups may organize several cultural events, picnic, educational and social awareness programs for the benefit of not just students but society at large.

The University has a lush green campus with several amenities for students and staff. The campus has a huge canteen, a student hall, welfare center, shopping center and health center. The campus provides indoor and outdoor sports rooms and a playground for the students and staff.

The University has also established a residential block with hostel for students and quarters for faculty and other staff which includes dining hall, kitchen and storage. The details of various facilities available at the campus, is as mentioned below:

The School of Engineering is divided in two blocks comprising with Academic area,Library, Laboratory area and Workshop area. School of Engineering has different teaching rooms for graduate and post graduate students of Plastics Engineering. The school has also developed multiple laboratories with modern equipment.

The university provides staff quarter to faculty as well as administrative staff members. Also a separate hostel for girls and boys has been set up. Hostel and staff quarters are built with modern facilities like solar plates as well as geyser are planted for hot water. Hostels are also equipped with water refining machines.

The canteen constructed in the campus is to provide food and beverages to the students. Canteen Block has been set up to give the best food services to the university family as well as to the guests.

The university campus has well maintained sports grounds, indoor sports room, gym, seminar hall, computer laboratory, internet routers, refrigerators, cafeteria, welfare center, shopping center and health center. The facilities and amenities available in campus are for the optimum use. Students and staff members are advised to take due care of the amenities available so that the same remains useful for future batches.

A student center has been established at the campus to resolve the issues of various stake holders. The center shall work towards assisting new students in assisting them to settle down at the university, organizing various cultural events to promote equality amongst all. The student center shall be established by the university once and then it shall be run by the students, for the students.

The university has established modern library with essential learning software as well as books of eminent scholars from different streams. The library timings and rules of issuance of books shall be informed to the students by the library administrative department. Library includes not just the books on concerned subjects but other on topics as well that are helpful in further studies and various competitive examinations.

The multimedia center established at the university campus, provides various facilities such as server / networking room, telecommunication equipment room, electrical room, reprography room and staff offices.

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